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Questions we get asked quite a lot

Did you know that the About Page is the 2nd most popular page on a website? These days customers want to buy a brand and not just a product. They want to know whether your ethos and principles match with theirs. And if they can see themselves in your brand, then they’re much more likely to buy from you – and keep coming back. Your About Page is the place you get to present your brand personality.

Tell them a compelling story, and they’ll want to tap into the legend.

Find out exactly why you shouldn’t neglect your About Us page here – Link to blog

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Our simple (and stress-free) 3 step process takes you on a journey from pulling your hair out to an optimized About Page summary faster than you can update your product descriptions.

Step 1: We pour a cup of coffee and get to know you through our Legendary Questionnaire, and a good old fireside (Zoom) chat.

Step 2: We grab our magnifying glasses and make like Holmes and Watson, with industry and customer research to find out what will make your audience tick.

Step 3: We gather everything together in our magic porridge pot and deliver you a legendary story optimized for the world wide web. 

Find out more details here:- link to page

We love freelancers, and a good copywriter can provide your business with the words you need to convince your customers make a purchase. A good web funnel expert can make sure that your products are seen in the right places, and that the right people end up on your site.

With us, you get a team. A little like the Power Rangers of your childhood (well, Peta’s childhood anyway), when we put our superpowers together the villains of low organic traffic, high bounce rates, disengaged customers, and confusing messaging don’t stand a chance.

Our legendary About Page packages start at £275

We also provide monthly subscriptions to help you share your Legendary Story far and wide (like digital troubadours).

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