Weaving our magic.

These days everyone has trust issues. You can be whoever you like on the internet, so let us calm your fears by showing you the magic that we’ve woven for another eCommerce company.

The Challenge

Stericare Baby is an eCommerce baby product company. It’s a crowded market, and they were struggling to carve out a niche for themselves. The bounce rate on their About page was pretty high, and the marketing director had written it quickly when redoing the website.

It was impersonal, hastily written, and blah.

The Brief

The brand wanted a compelling piece of copy that drew their audience in and demonstrated a relatable brand voice.

They wanted it to be a page that people enjoyed reading. A place where they felt seen, listened to. And once they’d connected, it needed to nudge them towards a purchase.

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How it works

The Outcomes

With our rewrite, Stericare is making an impact with organic traffic, their bounce rate is down, and the About page is a conduit to sales, rather than a cul-de-sac.

We created a story that the reader (a busy parent) could see themself inside (people want to be seen)

We validated their problems and worries (people want to feel heard).

We positioned the brand as the answer to these problems, and as someone who gets why they matter (people want to feel understood)

We made it light and fun, as if you were chatting with a slightly more experienced friend (people buy people, not businesses). 

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