You’re at the beginning of your story – we make it a legend!

We deliver you a handcrafted story people want to be part of, are itching to tell their friends about and boosts your bottom line.

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How it starts…

Staring at the white expanse of screen, you regard the blinking black cursor with thinly disguised rage and slowly rising panic. 

Your Shopify site needs to go live tonight. 

Everything else is ready.

There’s just one bold line, written in biro, on your to-do list.

You need an “about” page. 

And you have absolutely no idea what to write.

And you’ve just read a blog about how the About page is the 2nd most visited page on your site and so it shouldn’t be pants (here, in case you were wondering).

Turn your passion project into a legend

How do you take your precious idea, your passion for it, and the journey you’ve been on to create it and succinctly describe it to people browsing your website?

Well, if we’re honest, we think you should call us.

We take your brand story, and create your legend. 

We don’t write About Pages, we craft legends 

These aren’t just brand stories; these are legendary brand stories.

But why does it matter?

All the legends we’ve known since childhood have to start somewhere. 

Whether it’s Thor and his mighty hammer (the original or the Hemsworth version), Robin Hood and his band of merry thieves, or how the Colonel really makes his fried chicken.

They all began as myth and reality woven into a compelling narrative.

At the heart of every legend, is a story.

Human beings love stories, and we share the good ones. We used to share them around campfires at the mouths of caves, then we traded them in return for food and shelter as we travelled to new towns and lands. We wrote them in books and wove them into songs and turned them into multi-movie franchises where blonde Australians show off their arms. (ahem)

Now we click tiny arrows as we scroll through our phones, sharing the best stories with our friends and followers. And our reach is endless.

But what makes the difference between your brand being a flash in the pan viral trend and a true lasting legend?

Well, you need a good story. 

And you need to know how to share it..

…Which is where we come in.

We’re ready when you are…

Our work so far

With a horde of happy customers behind us, waving their About pages in joy at anyone who will read them, we think our results speak for themselves.

You can find our favorites here.

(Don’t get jealous, you can have your very own spot on there one day. All you have to do is get in touch.)

Are you ready?

We’re old hands (Oi! Ok, we’re not actually old, it’s just an expression!) at crafting brand stories that people actually want to read. Our About pages reach out through the screen (in a non-Japanese horror film way), sit down next to your customer and say “these guys get you”. 

Bingo! More customers for you!

We love to help people turn their business ideas into legendary stories. Let’s see what we can do with yours.

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