About Us v Our Story – which is the best?


What’s in a name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”

Look at us being all cultured and quoting Shakespeare and stuff? Who said that English Literature A Level was a waste, huh?

Ahem, anyway. There is a reason for this 16th Century flashback to Romeo and Juliet. 

If you’ve got your own website, which as an eCommerce business is pretty important, then you get to be in charge. Sure, there are templates and conventions, and things that Shopify won’t let you do even if you say pretty please. But you’re the boss, so you get to do things like name the different pages of your site. 

A few pages are pretty straightforward, you probably want to name your home page “Home” or something very similar. And your “Contact us” page needs to be clear. But with an About page, you can play around a little more. You know, flex those creative muscles, use that English A’Level.

Some alternative title options for your About page

So, what are your options for naming your About Page? Don’t worry, this isn’t like the tortuous process of naming your firstborn child (or your second born for that matter). Firstly, you can choose something else if after a month you decide that you don’t like it (this is frowned upon with children, apparently). But also, there are only really a few names to choose from. 

Alternative titles for “about us” pages:

      • Our story
      • About us
      • About
      • Our team
      • Who we are
      • Meet the team
      • About (insert name)
      • Who
      • Our history
      • Our vision

What to consider

While this list is shorter than “Popular Baby Names for 2022”, there are a few to choose from.

Unless one of them is jumping out at you right now (and maybe even if it is), here are the two things that we think you should consider before deciding what to name your page:

The title should fit with your brand voice:

Whatever name you choose should be in line with your branding. It should match the voice of your brand, the tone you write in, and the language you use with your customers.

For example, if your company focuses on no-nonsense professionalism, then “Come hang out with us!” doesn’t really hit the right note.

Similarly, if you tend to write your pages, emails, and product descriptions in a cheeky, irreverent tone then don’t call your page something like “Our company’s history”. It evokes a man in a suit showing you around a museum…and not one of the fun ones who tells gory stories about the paintings to the 9 year olds.

The title should be clear

We’ve said it before, but we don’t mind repeating ourselves when something is important.

It’s nice to be creative, hey we even encourage it. And, as we’ve said, it is your website.

But, please, please, please spare a thought for the visitor to your site who is desperately scanning your homepage looking for more info about your brand.

Calling it “The Scoop”, or “The reason we love long walks and wood fires” just makes it harder for them to find it to find it. So they won’t bother, and they’ll shop elsewhere. Simples.


If you’re still a little stuck, then why not copy someone else? Ok, not in a bad, plagiarism kind of way. But why not take inspiration from some of the best About pages out there, and the titles they use? Find our best About pages here.